Office-Based Anesthesia

With the advent of the latest surgical techniques and equipment, in addition to, the evolution of anesthetic drugs suitable for the ambulatory environment, there has been a recent trend towards Office Based Anesthesia (OBA). As of 2005 nearly 25% of all elective procedures, were performed in the office setting. Some of the many advantages of OBA include:

  • Lower cost
  • Increased patient privacy
  • Patient and physician convenience
  • Ease of scheduling
  • Increased physician efficiency
  • Increased physician collections
    • Physicians can capture both the current physician professional component and a facility component that may be equal to the National CMS Ambulatory Surgery Center fee
  • Decreased nosocomial infection
  • Consistency in nursing personnel

Assess Your Needs

Starlight Anesthesia can offer safe, reliable, and flexible staffing solutions for OBA. Set up a risk free consultation for us to visit your facility to assess your equipment and medical needs. As your anesthesia provider, we take a partnership role in establishing a system in your practice that reduces risk, eliminates inefficiencies and optimizes patient flow.


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