With the continued uncertainties surrounding healthcare reform and pay-for-performance programs, we understand the steep challenges that hospitals will continue to encounter. In order to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare market, hospitals need a partner who will work with Leadership to tailor services to align with their strategic business goals. At Starlight Anesthesia we will work with Hospital Leadership to:

  • Maximize revenue and control costs
  • Eliminate or reduce anesthesia subsidies
  • Improve quality and performance through evidence-based practice and quality assurance programs
  • Increase patient and surgeon satisfaction
  • Improve clinical productivity through 
  • Better OR utilization
  • Starting cases on time
  • Faster turnover times
  • Decreased last-minute cancellations
  • Implement flexible and efficient staffing solutions
  • Increase or decrease anesthesia coverage when needed
  • Implement effective anesthesia leadership
  • Implement seamless transitions

When desired, Starlight Anesthesia can handle all aspects of perioperative management including staffing, billing, payer contracting, recruiting and credentialing. In addition to complete perioperative coverage for your hospital, we can provide seamless coverage across your entire network including multiple hospitals and ASCs.