Starlight's Mission & Values


To deliver extraordinary and compassionate perioperative anesthesia care to our patients through an emphasis on evidence-based practice, patient satisfaction, and professional collaboration at an economical outlay to our clients.



Patient safety is our top priority.

  • We adhere to all industry standards, through the implementation of evidence-based practice and quality assurance programs into our anesthesia care delivery model. 
  • We selectively hire the finest anesthesia providers, who understand the importance of effective communication and professionalism.


The safe administration of anesthesia requires vigilance, time-sharing among multiple tasks, and the ability to rapidly make decisions and take actions.

  • Our staff has an integrative approach, working seamlessly with the medical staff, patients, and the OR environment.
  • Our primary goal is to protect the patient from harm through vigilance and implementation of evidence-based practice.

Evidence-Based Practice

  • We deliver a high level of clinical care through the integration of scientific research evidence, clinical expertise, and patient-centered values.
  • Patients are provided individualized care with an emphasis on the individual’s preferences, environment, culture and values regarding health and well-being.


  • Patients undergoing anesthesia are in a vulnerable state.
  • We pledge to recognize this vulnerably and to safeguard human life. 

Quality Assurance

We implement systems and processes that:

  • Ensure consistent application of evidence-based medicine to produce predictable and positive patient outcomes
  • Minimize the risk exposure for patients and ensure that the appropriate standard of care is met
  • Are reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that they are current, effective and based on evaluation of collected data, industry standards, and regulatory compliance requirements

Communication and Leadership

  • We focus on identifying the needs of our clients.
  • We listen, actively engage in communication, and adapt our service to provide a product tailored to the specific needs of each client.
  • We provide strong clinical leadership to ensure the delivery of an efficient and professional operation that exceeds your expectations.